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How to effectively manage a team of freelancers remotely

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In recent times, an increasing number of outsourcing firms and freelancers sell their services both locally and internationally, making a virtual workplace the standard rather than the exception.

The versatility of recruiting freelancers on a short-term basis, as well as the economic benefits, make it a more appealing alternative to hiring full-time permanent staff or businesses. This hiring method definitely comes with its own challenges, of which managing freelance teams is major. Managing freelancers in various geographical locations and time zones can be challenges if it is not approached with tact.

Working with a freelance team comes with its own set of rules and goals. You can now create better relationships and run as smoothly as possible with these six tactics.

The foundation is built on trust.

To begin, you must recognize that local and remote teams have different types of control. In reality, pretending to be a professional on the Internet is easier than it is in real life. As a result, before recruiting someone, make sure that they are competent, they have a lot of experience with tons of background knowledge, and that they have outstanding communication skills. Request that they show their portfolio, highlighting the case studies that are most important to yours. The more you learn about their qualities, the easier it will be to form an overall impression of them and decide whether to hire them or not.

Have a well-defined, shared brief.

The freelancer must fully comprehend not only what they are doing but also why they are doing it. Give them a clear, detailed brief in a shared document that outlines what needs to be done, different strategies, and the work’s goals.

You must be completely specific about how things must be handled to prevent misunderstandings. It helps to clarify your preferences on how things should be done. Also, make a list of the project objectives so that everybody is on the same page.

Establish clear expectations as well as reasonable deadlines.

You should set deadlines with the freelancer and check that they are met. Monitor and measure the progress to ensure that deadlines are met. First, go over the deadlines with the freelancer to ensure they are reasonable. It’s a great thing to schedule regular video or phone calls to effectively communicate. You can also participate in screen-sharing calls to see exactly what is being done and how it is being done.

Provide feedback

You don’t have to offer freelancers performance reviews. That isn’t to say you shouldn’t. Freelancers are people, too, and who doesn’t want to be complimented on their work?

Share your feedback on their work and suggestions on how they can progress in some ways. This will help them develop a stronger bond and boost their results.

Pay Freelancers on time.

Paying your freelancers on time will keep them happy and encourage them to work with you again. More importantly, it demonstrates that you value the partnership, which leads to a more clear and productive working relationship. In other words, as simple as it may sound, timely payment is a critical management strategy.

Yes, there are times when your accounts payable department is overburdened and you must pay late. However, if this is the case, every good manager of freelancers and contractors must communicate the problem and provide as accurate a time estimate of the delay as possible. Whatever you do, don’t avoid that awkward conversation.

Encourage Open Communication

When handling remote freelancers, having an open channel of contact is strongly recommended. Be prepared to meet often to maintain a streamlined freelance workforce. The level of contact you offer will determine the quality of their work.

You can contact your freelancers via email, phone, talk, or social media.

In conclusion

By following these basic steps, you will be able to build a remote team that is not only willing to work with you, but also appreciates what you have to give.

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