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How to land jobs as a freelancer with absolutely no experience.

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It is difficult to shake your first days as a freelancer with no experience. Looking for your first customers can seem like a gaze across a desert, with a couple of prickly cactuses.

Fortunately, with some hard work, you can rapidly transform that desert into a flourishing desert spring. How?

We’ve put together these best practices for you. The rest of this article will show you all the best ways to land more clients and be successful as a freelancer with little or no freelance experience.

Create a profile

Most online freelance job opportunities will ask you to send in a portfolio, work samples, or links to already published work. It is your profile that will get you noticed and acquainted  with customers. Having a professional profile helps you with get more attention from clients. In the case that your profile is not professional, the customer will see you as an amateur and may not have any desire to work with your. The takeaway here is that your profile represents you.

To give a more expert look to your profile, pick a photograph with a neutral look, write a description that clearly define your skills or abilities and how you can serve your customers. It must be without mistake in language structure and spelling. Create a freelancer profile at www.kreekafrica.com.

Let recruiters know you’re looking

Firstly, do you want to stand out to recruiters who are looking for freelancers? Make sure your profile shows that you’re available. The more details you provide on your profile, the easier it is for clients to see what you are capable of just at a glance. .  Contact clients for projects already posted at www.kreekafrica.com. LinkedIn is also getting better at matching freelancers with potential jobs, and more information will help even more.

Get social

Indeed! You heard it right. The third step is getting social. When you are a beginner, you may hardly get noticed by clients.. Getting social will connect you to the entire world. Your capabilities are easily noticed by the right people.. LinkedIn is the most established network for making professional connections, but that doesn’t mean other social networks can’t be helpful, too.

Across all social media platforms, you’ll discover open posts like ‘I’m searching for a X to do Y… in, Facebook and LinkedIn groups, Twitter chats, etc. There is  a lot of opportunity around but it all depends on where you look.

Set a neutral rate

Your rate must be neutral, not very high or excessively low but neutral.

You should know the ideal cost for a venture. If you bid or apply for a project and your rate is too high you might lose the project and when is too low the client may think you are unprofessional or you may not know what it takes to do the Job.  The client might also think you don’t know your value. Do your research and find out how much industry experts are charging, that way you will be able to set your rates accurately. Always know the right price for each project.

Be Jack of all trades

When you kick start your freelancing career, you must not stop learning. In a case where you are in school or understudying and haven’t entered into the corporate world yet, you might not have a ton of experience. We suggest you try various fields instead of sticking to  one.

Assuming you want to be a web developer who is well vexed in  PHP and decides to stick to just PHP. We propose that you don’t. As technologies evolve and some knowledge becomes obsolete. . Never stop learning. Innovate and sharpen your skills and diversify.

Don’t be afraid to network.

Networking doesn’t have to be sleazy. It’s not about using people to get ahead. At its best, networking is simply a group of peers that support each other. Writers of all levels need some support from their peers, but it’s especially important when you’re starting off. Having other writers around you make it easier to figure out where to look for jobs, how to set rates, and so on.

And networking does often lead to new opportunities. When many companies and publications are looking for freelancer, they often ask for recommendations. This is much easier than posting a gig online or spending hours searching for the most suited freelancer. Overwhelmed freelancers often turn down clients and suggest someone else for the job, too. There are direct and indirect benefits to networking. Explore and take advantage of the benefits


Every freelancer wants the same thing: more clients, which equals more income. If you stay ahead of the competition with these simple tips even without experience, you will outbid, win new clients, and quickly build up your client base.

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