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Ten Remote Jobs That Do Not Require a Degree

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Getting a degree has become a life essential such that most people could choose to acquire degrees before pursuing great entrepreneurial ideas that they may have. For some, a degree may be a backup that they can fall back on to secure a job if their business idea fails to actualize. For others, a degree guarantees a job and, ultimately, a good life.

As work dynamics continue to shift towards flexible working arrangements, one can only wonder how such changes affect job availability and the skills requirements needed to adapt to this change. Remote jobs are Jobs that allow workers or employees to perform their duties from any location. It means that they are not obliged to perform their duties within the four walls of the company. However, guidelines are put in place to ensure great work outputs.

Can you find meaningful remote jobs these days without acquiring a bachelors’ degree? The answer is yes! Here are ten remote jobs that you can venture into whether you have a degree or not.

Web developer

As we go deeper into the digital age and businesses are beginning to operate more online than physically, one job field that is now in high demand as it is aiding the world in adapting easily to this change is web developers. Web developers combine creativity with technical expertise to create and design websites. The good news is that you can become a web developer just by taking a two-year diploma course in the field. There are also institutions that provide short courses for web development, hence with just a certificate, you can earn a job as a web developer in a reputable company or if you so prefer, practice as a freelancer. If you choose to practice freelance, then you also have the option of learning the skill by yourself with the help of the internet and after a few contracts, your experience can speak for you.

Social media manager

Another job field that is in high demand in this digital age is the social media manager. As businesses continue to explore means of connecting with their customers online, social media has become a very great tool for marketing. This has fueled the growing demand for created a demand for people who know their way around the various digital media apps. You do not need a degree or even a diploma to qualify for this job because in recent times, , even junior high students have been able to capture the attention of big brands on social media with great content. Understand how these platforms work a develop a strategy to churn out content that is unique and original and you are on your way to getting noticed.  These free courses from HubSpot Academy and from Google will get you started on your journey to become a well sought after social media marketing manager.



Online tutor

Teaching online is one of the best businesses you can do in the comfort of your home and still make good money for it. Teaching online also does not necessarily mean teaching subjects. If you own a business or are an expert in a particular field, you can offer online training for people who are interested in learning the skill. You do not need a degree in teaching or a classroom to be able to do that.

Travel agent

Communicating or interacting with clients is nothing that cannot be done remotely. Therefore, a travel agent in the comfort of his home, is able to interact with clients to plan their flight, hotel bookings and everything else that they need via phone calls emails or texts. A degree is also not required for this job. With basic knowledge and training on the job description, you’re good to go.

Graphic designer

With knowledge or expertise and experience in using graphic design software or applications like Photoshop, backed by the creative intuition to be able to produce visual representations for the communication needs of clients, you can become a graphic designer, and you do not need to be at a fixed station to get work done. Graphic designing can be done remotely so long as the software needed is available.

Customer service agent

 Although this job involves being the direct communication point between a customer and a company, customer service agents still have the luxury of being able to perform their duties remotely because their interaction is not done physically but via emails, call or texts. Even better, the basic requirement you need to become a customer service agent is good communication skills.


Being a realtor or a real estate agent is one very lucrative business to venture into and you need no degree qualification for it. However, just like a sales agent or marketer, it is important that you have great customer service and customer relation experience. Realtors get paid on a commission basis so basically, the harder you work or the more clients you find, the richer you get.


A writer’s job basically is to get the piece of writing done. Whether you decide to write at the beach, in a car, while lying in your bed or behind your laptop, it does not matter so long as you have enough attention on whatever you’re writing. You also do not need a degree in writing to become a writer or find a job as one. You can create your own blog or get a website where you can write and publish your own stories for monetization. Check these websites to start a blog for free: wix.com, wordpress.com


Imagine being able to make professional, artistic decisions and be the boss of a whole light and camera crew with no degree at all. Yes, with cinematography, that can be you. All you need is expert knowledge on the equipment used in filming and how to operate them, have camera operating experience, and knowledge on how to test equipment such as lenses and filters and voila, you’re a pro in the field. Cinematography can be self-taught or you can learn from someone who is already in the field. Once you have a hang of it, you can be your own boss in cinematography.


Photography, just like cinematography, is nothing you need a degree for but is undoubtedly one of the most lucrative jobs you could ever venture into. All photography also requires is expert knowledge on camera handling and setup, lighting, and all other technicalities that come with carrying out the job. There are institutions that provide short courses on photography however, one can also opt to learn it all by themselves with the use of the internet.

Now before you spend so many years in school unsure of how things are going to turn out for you even afterwards, you can consider looking into these job fields as you go.

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