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Turning your leads to customers

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Evolving technology, increased competition and sophisticated buyers have made it much more challenging for businesses to achieve the results they are looking for. The goal of every business is to turn leads to clients and even further into brand ambassadors.

Everyone and anyone can be a client to your brand but strategizing is key in getting your prospects to make that move to patronize your service. Here are some tips on how to convert your leads into customers without losing or making clients get tired of you.

Trust is Paramount.

With fraud and deception rising on the internet, you wouldn’t expect people to rush into patronage without seeing any proof of legitimacy, professionalism and top-notch quality. As a way of building trust, you can opt for actual pictures of services or even better, pictures and videos of yourself holding the product or doing a demonstration of your service instead of uploading internet pictures only. That way, your prospects would have an idea of whom they’re dealing with. Posting feedback from customers also helps to convince prospects that you are a legit business, thus, drawing people to patronize your business as well as turning your online platform into your major marketing tool.

Everybody loves promos and giveaways.

Did the person who said “I’ll get back to you” ever get back to you? All you have to do is delight that prospect more with that particular product that he or she showed interest in and they will get back to you and make that purchase ASAP. You can entice your prospects with a 20% off promotion, free delivery, free Samples, freebies on first orders and many more. Do this and your prospects will rush into your inbox like ‘this is what I’ve been waiting for’.

Position your offering as the best in class.

Yes, be a braggart! Build in your prospects the same amount of trust you have for your products or service. Keep your website or whichever online platform you’re using updated regularly with posts that give your prospects reasons why you should be their go-to when they need the products or services that you provide. As they stay engaged on your page, seeing such posts could build their eagerness to try out your product or service even if they do not need it ASAP.

Provide a direct and easy medium of communication.

Having a way of communicating directly with potential customers is another easy way to follow up. It is also a way of getting them to patronize because every consumer would prefer speaking with whoever is behind a business that they intend to patronize. Provide a number for phone calls and/or a two-way communication option which is always reliable and swift on response. It also helps to stick to one medium of communication per prospect rather than texting or calling via different messaging apps and different phone numbers. While you’re at it, be sure to respond quickly while your prospect is still engaged in the conversation. Late replies are a huge turn off, not only in relationships but in businesses as well.

No matter how the conversation goes, show appreciation in the end.

Mostly, people contact make enquiries about a product or service and end up not patronizing. Of course, anyone would be annoyed of you leave them hanging or leave them with “I’ll get back to you later” after making them answer series of questions, sometimes even ones that are self-explanatory or already answered on the page. However, dear business owner, please melt down that anger and simply type a “thank you” to end the conversation. Showing appreciation to a prospect even for making time to enquire about your product or business plays a big role in making them patronize. So, the next time a customer keeps you engaged for hours without making purchase, simply follow with an appreciative text after they promise to purchase later.

Follow up but don’t be desperate.

Be smartly persisting, not bothering! Buzzing your prospect’s phone every minute to remind them or enquire if they are ready to make the promised purchase can be annoying and this could rather push them away. Instead of calling or texting them anytime you want just to tell them “hi sir\ma’am, we are still looking forward to your purchase”, you should try updating them on the availability of the product or service of interest, of course not forgetting to keep it cordial while at the same time being professional. Alerting a prospect that you’re almost out of stock on a product they have showed interest in will trigger them to get it ASAP.

Take a moment to look at your operations and see if any of these tips will help you improve your bottom line.

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